We at Connoisseur believe that artist brushes are an investment, and as an investment they should last. The Connoisseur brush maintains its integrity despite the damaging effects of water, solvents, pigments, air, and even the drag of the brush across the painting surface. The seamless ferrules of the Connoisseur brush are plated with nickel or gold, and are resistant to tarnish and corrosion. The Connoisseur wooden long brush handles are equally resistant. They contain a base coat and are finely lacquered to withstand water and solvents. With the Connoisseur line of fine art brushes you can be guaranteed that all our brushes meet and exceed these standards.

Graceful lines, fields of color and dramatic textures are all within the grasp of every artist, especially when the artist has a Connoisseur brush in hand. The painter’s brush is an extension of the artist’s hand and mind, and is the tool that allows them to express their artistic vision. And, when that brush is Connoisseur, the finest line of brushes available today, the artist has the advantage. Connoisseur has redefined the paint brush using new and exciting materials while maintaining traditional handmade craftsmanship.

We appreciate that each line and stroke of an Artist’s brush is as individual as their signature. And with this in mind, our purpose is to supply the artist with the best quality brushes available to meet the needs and standards of the discriminating artist.

Ron Stocke watercolor