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Connoisseur brushes and knives

Connoisseur offers the most affordable, top quality brushes available today. Talk to artists and you'll find they agree.

Known worldwide for superior quality and outstanding value, Connoisseur fine artist brushes are hand crafted. Only the best natural hair or synthetic fibers are utilized in the manufacture of this premium line of brushes.

Today, skilled craftsmen make the very best brushes by hand. Connoisseur brush artisans have intensive 7 year training. Attention to detail is evident in the spectacular quality. With proper care of the brushes, they will last a lifetime.

Our mission is to provide the artist with the brush and palette knife selection that best fulfills their needs. The superior quality and affordable price make Connoisseur fine artist products the clear and welcome choice for the professional and the serious student.

"Our premium quality Connoisseur brushes are guaranteed against all defects in craftsmanship."